visual communications 2

sophomore studio

Building on formal skills and concepts learned in the previous semester, students will solve comprehensive communication problems. Students ill build upon formal and conceptual generation processes as well as apply basic communications theory. The logic of proportion and structure will facilitate consistency, flexibility, and legibility in developing a design system. The synthesis of form and content will result in a cohesive and clear system that manifests in a 2-D language that is expanded systematically across various surfaces, time-based and spatial applications.


Kristen Ashton ’17 | | Michael Kidwell, assistant professor

Timeline and identity

Derek Lopez ’16 | | Michael Kidwell, assistant professor


Sara Garrison ’16 | | Michael Kidwell, assistant professor

Amtrak qualitative and quantitative posters

Mary Lim ’16 | | Michael Kidwell, assistant professor

Amtrak qualitative poster

Kristen Ashton ’17 | | Michael Kidwell, assistant professor