sophomore studio

This course explores the principles of image-making and the photographic image as a method for seeing and a tool for communication.  It is a project-based class, aimed toward challenging and expanding both technical and cognitive skills in image-making and image-based communication. We will explore meaningful connections between form and content as an integral part of image production.  Narrative, documentation and the temporal qualities of the image will be explored both in creating imagery and in analyzing the role of imagery in culture.

Constructed Image Posters

Jackie Robinson: Sarah Dean ’18 |

Francesca Woodman : Sam Yates '16  |

Alexander Fleming : Kristen Ashton '17  |

Edith Head: Justin Skaggs '17  |

Ray & Charles Eames:  Larry Fulcher '16  | 

Dennis Wilson: Steven Aranda ’18 |

Tex Avery: Chris Chavez ’18 |

Pedro Infante: Daisy Escamilla “18 |

Weegee: Chris McGill '17  |

Kelly Ludwig, assistant professor

Digital Book Covers  

Sam Shepard: Myles Thompson '16  |

Jorge Luis Borges: Tori Wheeler '17  |

William Faulkner: Justin Skaggs '17  |

William Faulkner: Ashley Castillo ‘18 |

Jhumpa Lahiri: Y Pham ’18 |

Kelly Ludwig, assistant professor

Visual Interview  Caylie Hausman ‘18 |  |  Kelly Ludwig, assistant professor

Visual Interview  Sarah Dean ’18 |  |  Kelly Ludwig, assistant professor

Visual Interview  Isaac Carlos '17  |  |  Kelly Ludwig, assistant professor

Visual Interview  Alyx Jacobs '16  |  |  Kelly Ludwig, assistant professor