visual communications 2

sophomore studio

Typography 2 is an in-depth examination of the principles and potential of typography with emphasis on meaningful typographic composition. This course enables student exploration of the role that typography plays in shaping the form and content of communication. Through a series of studio exercises that introduce letterforms and text in relation to images, texture, color, hierarchy and grid structures, students will explore a variety of design problems and build skills in communicating visual meaning.

The course will build from Typography I and Visual Communications 1.


Kristen Ashton ’17 | | Michael Kidwell, assistant professor

Timeline and identity

Derek Lopez ’16 | | Michael Kidwell, assistant professor


Sara Garrison ’16 | | Michael Kidwell, assistant professor

Amtrak qualitative and quantitative posters

Mary Lim ’16 | | Michael Kidwell, assistant professor

Amtrak qualitative poster

Kristen Ashton ’17 | | Michael Kidwell, assistant professor