visual communications 1

sophomore studio

Students will be introduced to the formal theories, concepts and visual tools that support graphic design.  Form studies will examine line, curve, composition, visual balance, form/counter form, rhythm, and progression.  This logical foundation will promote an understanding of clear formal language, while developing design problem solving and critical thinking.  A fluid formal vocabulary will be applicable in all subsequent coursework. A broad range of methods and tools (both traditional and digital) will support the student’s creative exploration with simple visual elements.


Sam Yates ’16 | | Michael Kidwell, assistant professor

Visualizing music

Myles Thompson ’16 | | Michael Kidwell, assistant professor

Visualizing music

Kristen Ashton ’17 | | Michael Kidwell, assistant professor


Heath Williamson ’18 |, Sarah Dean ’18 |, David Tillema ’18 |

Maura Cluthe, assistant professor


Chris Meier ’16 |, Patrick Stone ’16 |, Larry Fulcher ’16 |

Michael Kidwell, assistant professor

Visualizing music

David Tillema ’18 |, Y Pham ’18 |, Erin Konomos ’18 | , Caylie Hausman ‘18 |

Maura Cluthe, assistant professor

Music poster & t-shirt

Y Pham ’18 | | Maura Cluthe, assistant professor