type 1

sophomore studio

In the first of four typography studios for students in the graphic design program, students will engage in inquiry-based exploration of the fundamental qualities of typography. Development of questions about typography – what it is, its boundaries, functions, history, and tools will be followed by research and making as means of demonstrating growing knowledge on the subject. Through the active learning process, a solid knowledge base will be tailored to each student’s interests and abilities relative to typography. This will inform thinking an making in other studios as well as continued typographic education in future type courses.

Neutra Type Specimen Book

Tori Wheeler ’17 | behance.net/toriwheeler  |  Emmy Rice, assistant professor

Serifa Type Specimen Book

Kristen Ashton ’17 | behance.net/kashton |  Emmy Rice, assistant professor

Typographic Metaphor

Tori Wheeler ’17 | behance.net/toriwheeler | Emmy Rice, assistant professor