vimeo: scott mccarthy



As a Motion Graphics artist, Scott McCarthy continuously finds it exciting and rewarding to be in the field of motion graphics. “Every day is a new opportunity for me to learn something new about myself or within the industry; between different design/animation techniques, new programs, using multiple disciplines and having to creatively problem solve an idea for the client. I originally didn't start off as a Motion Graphics Artist, but went to school to studying 3D Character Animation and after a couple of years in the field, I realized this wasn't what I was passionate about. I ended up switching mediums on a whim and haven't been happier with that risky decision. I'm kinda glad it paid off that I followed that gut feeling.”

When Scott isn’t locked down working long hours on a tight deadline, he enjoys teaching motion graphics classes and giving back to the community. He has taught classes at the Kansas City Art Institute both within the graphic design department and the school of Continuing and Professional Studies, where he taught Applied Motion Graphics for the Master Certificate Course. “I do enjoy teaching and I'm very happy to inspire all ages, pushing students limits and their creativity. This, to me, is one of the best feelings that I get to experience in my professional career.”

Scott is currently employed as a Motion Graphic/VFX Artist with Liquid 9 Kansas City. He has also worked for a variety of creative companies including Threadless, 3st/Thirst Design, Wirestone Chicago, Bazillion Pictures, Bicmedia and Uncut Comics. Scott also works as a freelancer and has been involved in numerous animation and comic book projects.