Multimedia experience

senior studio

On a daily basis, many are presented with a range of technologies presenting content in a range of mediums. A news story is heard over a countertop speaker, an advertisement interrupts a podcast on a mobile phone, and a customer review is f elded publicly over social media. No longer is there a common format, place, or time for these interactions. Furthermore, the increased volume of noise prevents any one thing from being memorable. Therefore, designers must consider more complex dynamics during their creation process.

This class will explore this complex landscape of experiences, interactions, and mediums across two projects. The principles, processes, and methods in this class will pull from: user interface design, interaction design, user experience, user centered design, usability, and human factors. Theories around motivation and insights from user research will be integrated in project deliverables. The course aims to blend research, design, and technology to create meaningful experiences for a targeted audience.

Multimedia Experience will serve as a capstone course. As seniors, it is assumed you are starting with existing knowledge and experiences designing digital interfaces which will encourage more complex generation of concepts on a faster delivery timeline.

Ride KC

Kelsey Mack ‘19 | Jay Vaglio, Lecturer


Steven McDonald ‘18 | Jarkece Huffin ‘18 | Nicole Stone ‘18 | tyler galloway, Associate Professor


Myles Thompson ’16 | | Emmy Rice, assistant professor


Ashton Shechter ’16 | and Mary Lim ’16 |  | Emmy Rice, assistant professor

FLUX System

Samantha Mac ’13 | | Marty Lane, assistant professor