kyle huber's advocacy project receives more press

graphic design senior kyle huber has received more local press for his aids awareness project "spread the truth, not the disease" that he began in visual advocacy class. he was interviewed saturday feb 6 as part of the kkfi 90.1 radio show "tenth voice, a program that addresses LGBT issues. check out the mp3 from the program below, and tell kyle congrats when you see him. way to go, kyle! keep up the good work.

Kyle Huber Interview - Spread the Truth Not the Disease Feb06-2010 by tgalloway

seniors on Design Ignites Change website

as part of their visual advocacy course, the senior class has posted their "community advocacy" projects on the Design Ignites Change (DIC) website. DIC  is a program that challenges students to use design thinking to explore and create solutions for pressing social problems. KCAI is a founding school in Design Ignites Change.

the project challenged students to find a social problem in the community and use graphic design to move toward a solution. projects ranged from HIV awareness and suicide prevention to creating hope for disadvantaged youth and early childhood education in the home. you can view the full range of kcai projects here on the DIC website.

these projects will be competing for an implementation grant totalling $15,000 that will help them to actually produce their project. wish them luck when you see them. we're excited about the possibilities for these projects and really hope to see some of them implemented.