freelance // My College Draft Web Designer Intern

Seeking an individual with Web design/UI experience. The website is an ASP.Net application. The candidate will not be required to do any .Net development but will be expected to provide graphical solutions that will work within the .Net framework. Candidate will be responsible for providing suggestions, and graphics to improve the website. Candidate should have a good understanding of navigation and use that adhere to design standards and specifications. This is a paid position.

Education: Sophomore or upperclassman that has taken classes in UI and web design.

Timeline: Position will commence once an eligible candidate is located. The duration for this project will not exceed 30 days. The work may be done remotely or in the evening or weekends. Student will report back to management on the progress of completed tasks.

Resume: Required before interview

email resume and letter of interest to

paid freelance opportunity // A Better 1-on-1

from lyndsey padget, founder of a better 1-on-1:
I'm a female software engineer who has been working in the field for almost 15 years. I have been involved with "women in tech" type organizations for years, but I am forming a new non-profit called "A Better 1-on-1" because I am concerned that even groups aiming to help girls & women get into tech are not inclusive enough. I'm in the process of obtaining non-profit status, and also building the web site. I need a logo, but I also need some illustrations for the site. It's a pretty rough start (from a pre-built front-end template), but you can see what I've got so far here:

The purpose of A Better 1-on-1 is to pair underrepresented people in technology (women, people of color, LGBTQ*, ESL, those less able) with mentors who are as much like them as possible. There are many organizations out there to help feed the tech "pipeline" by running events and workshops for girls, women, and people of color. My goal is NOT to run events but rather to help people form more meaningful professional relationships that help them stay in tech by providing the support they need. Mentors and mentees will fill out a quiz to register, and (hopefully) large companies will visit the site as well to see how they can support this cause.

I want the colors to be vibrant/electric and funky/retro. The logo should reflect this, perhaps working in an afro, a rainbow, a mohawk, etc. I'm open to suggestions! I'd like the site to feature some illustrations (hand-drawn or vector) at the top, and then "drop in" different replacements until the different characters find their mentor match. Supporting my case, there isn't a lot of diversity in online imagery. I need several different women (all shapes, NOT sexy/cute), different men of color, folks in native carb, non-binary, showing disability, etc. I'm looking for diversity in characters, but a uniform aesthetic among all of the characters.

interested students, please submit a letter of interest and portfolio link or pdf of work samples to lyndsey: (816) 695-6506

part-time handwriting project

This is a part time opportunity, locations is in the “Caves” in Kansas City, North, near Worlds of Fun. The timeframe is March 1, 2017 to May 31, 2017. pay is $14.75 per hour.

Two individuals are needed who can physically hand write in different types of fonts (like a feminine style and masculine style) as an example. The manager would like some sample from the candidates and it can literally be them writing in the different font styles that they know.

Candidates should contact Jayne Johnson at 913-649-9393. There will be specific phrases to write.

Commission for Book Cover Design

Arionne Williams is an author who is self-publishing a book and looking to hire a talented graphic designer who can capture the message and mood of the book, as well as the audience's attention with an eye-catching, alluring cover design (for both print and ebook). 

The book is called "Love Like I've Never Been Hurt: How to Heal from Heartbreak." It tell the story of the major heartbreak of the author's 20s, how she healed, and how her readers can do the same. Her target audience is single, Christian women ages 25-34 who are looking for love (with 18-24 year olds being the secondary audience). The book will look and feel sassy, smart and chic. The design should be feminine, but not prissy. 

The author is looking for someone immediately and will pay $350. Please contact Arionne directly at and check out her website at