paid freelance opportunity // A Better 1-on-1

from lyndsey padget, founder of a better 1-on-1:
I'm a female software engineer who has been working in the field for almost 15 years. I have been involved with "women in tech" type organizations for years, but I am forming a new non-profit called "A Better 1-on-1" because I am concerned that even groups aiming to help girls & women get into tech are not inclusive enough. I'm in the process of obtaining non-profit status, and also building the web site. I need a logo, but I also need some illustrations for the site. It's a pretty rough start (from a pre-built front-end template), but you can see what I've got so far here:

The purpose of A Better 1-on-1 is to pair underrepresented people in technology (women, people of color, LGBTQ*, ESL, those less able) with mentors who are as much like them as possible. There are many organizations out there to help feed the tech "pipeline" by running events and workshops for girls, women, and people of color. My goal is NOT to run events but rather to help people form more meaningful professional relationships that help them stay in tech by providing the support they need. Mentors and mentees will fill out a quiz to register, and (hopefully) large companies will visit the site as well to see how they can support this cause.

I want the colors to be vibrant/electric and funky/retro. The logo should reflect this, perhaps working in an afro, a rainbow, a mohawk, etc. I'm open to suggestions! I'd like the site to feature some illustrations (hand-drawn or vector) at the top, and then "drop in" different replacements until the different characters find their mentor match. Supporting my case, there isn't a lot of diversity in online imagery. I need several different women (all shapes, NOT sexy/cute), different men of color, folks in native carb, non-binary, showing disability, etc. I'm looking for diversity in characters, but a uniform aesthetic among all of the characters.

interested students, please submit a letter of interest and portfolio link or pdf of work samples to lyndsey: (816) 695-6506

create a website

Create a very clean, simple website for a new online boutique/consignment shop. Compensation is negotiable.

Contact Renae at or 816.217.6012 for more information.

Website Design

Want to help a local company redesign their website? Over the next several weeks, Patricia Stevens Agency will be setting up their new website and would like to contract a KCAI student to help. This is a paying gig, with very flexible timing. 
Contact Jame Freije at for more information.

Packaging Project

A start-up company in Atlanta is looking for a student or recent graduate who wants to help them design their packaging. This work would be pro-bono, but it presents a great opportunity for a sparkling  addition to your resume.

For more information, contact Chappelle Sparages at or 678-531-5267.

creating artwork for the kauffman center


for the right graphic artist(s) to have some fun, earn some money, and have his/her work seen at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts and at the Bolender Center!

My company is providing Andy Warhol style artwork, which is being sold at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts gift shop as well as the Bolender Center for Dance gift shop.  The artwork consists of personal photographs retouched or treated in the Warhol style, printed on canvas and gallery wrapped for a unique, personalized look.

If you are interested in doing the artwork for these fun pieces, I am interested in talking with you.  I am willing to pay $75.00 per piece to the right people.

To apply, please contact Rebecca Edlund at the following:

816-753-5587 phone
816-456-5859 cell

freelance opportunity -- web design

"arts alive" is an organization that organizes studio/gallery visits, attends arts performances and other enriching social events for those interested in the visual arts. they are currently seeking a designer to re-vamp their website as a paid freelance opportunity. you must submit an application to be considered. contact tyler for the application.

freelance opportunity -- medical / technical illustration

Abby Freeman, HR director at the Stowers Institute for Medical Research, is looking for a student who could provide artwork on a freelance basis for scientific journals. This would be a great opportunity if you are interested in technical image making, or just like to draw diseases and stuff (joking of course). e-mail anne canfield at acanfield [at] for more info.