IA Collaborative Internship

IA Collaborative is looking for a design intern in Chicago this summer, they'll even pay ya for doing design! What's IA about? Read below and check out their website.

IA Collaborative is a global design and innovation consultancy. At the forefront of user-centered design that creates business value, we live and work at the intersection of design and business; of creativity and strategy.

Combining human-centered design and strategic business consulting, we help multinational organizations and emerging leaders set visions, create strategies, design compelling experiences and empower their own cultures of innovation. We reframe problems, uncover opportunities and set a strategic vision. From Insight to Action, we define business models — profit, process, channel, brand and partnership strategies — and create new physical and digital products, brands, services and environments.

Recent graduate Tori Wheeler works here currently and would be happy to answer questions about the summer internship: whereistoriwheeler@gmail.com


Source: https://iacollaborative.com/