KCAI Opportunity | The Literary Magazine

Design KCAI's annual Sprung Formal zine in this class with Jordan Stempleman

T|  5:30 PM-8:20 PM in Baty 100

"This class will explore the history of small press publishing and the role of literary magazines, past and present. We will study the rise of the small magazine, the mimeo revolution, and the zine movement, as well as alternative methods of literary publication including new media, installation, performance, and sound.

This class will culminate in the publication of the KCAI-based magazine, Sprung Formal. By the end of this course you will have learned about the history of the small magazine, surveyed contemporary small magazines, and learned and applied various elements of magazine production, including editorial, design, and publicity in the creation of Sprung Formal, KCAI’s literary magazine.

[In 2008, Sprung Formal, known then as Spring Formal, won the AWP National Program Director’s Prize for Undergraduate Literary Magazines in design.]"