Bunzi Processing // paid internship ASAP


We just got our internship program approved --- we are seeking qualified students asap (up to 2). Let me know if you have any interested candidates & any paperwork we may need to fill out to be compliant with the school's intern placement programs. This is a paid internship located in North Kansas City -- although not so glamorous on the design projects -- they would be my production assistant on upcoming catalogs & assist with product file-prep for print & web.

(A random caveat: candidate can not be a member of PETA or animal-rights activist & it's better if they are not a vegetarian, as we deal with the meat-processing industry & products) 


Let me know if you have any questions --- I'll be scouting for students on portfolio review day as well




Description below


Bunzl Processor Division

Marketing Department Intern
2-3 days per week, M/W/F or T/Th depending on student schedule

PAID $7.70/hr + school credit & grade

Intern will:
1. Act as a Production Designer and support both Print/Traditional Design and Interactive teams.
2. Assist with weekly and monthly marketing department tasks as directed by Marketing Manager.
3.  Learn about Bunzl products, vendors and consumer relationships
4. Receive school credit and a final grade for participating in our program.
Tasks are ongoing and may vary by week and project type.
• Mac computers are used in this Department
• Above average skills using Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, PhotoShop, Illustrator)
• Basic knowledge of MicroSoft Office (Word, Excel) with typing skills
• Preferred but not required: knowledge of html, wordpress, social media posting
• Reliable transportation and cell phone

Candidate must submit resume and online portfolio link (or 8-10 portfolio pdfs) & in-person interview
Print/ Traditional Design:
• COB, format & retouch all New product images from both vendors & in-house photoshoots for Buyers Guide, At a Glance & Cost Cutter usage.
• Assist in digital organizing of Support Server photos by section type & color coding (both backlogged images and New Incoming items)
• Assist in product photo setup/ modeling & stand-in as needed/ organize vendor samples
• Organize and maintain backlog of monthly print mailers for EOY vendor re-cap
• Design support for one-sheets, product bulletins, mailers, ads, tradeshow flyers, easel posters and signage
• Support tradeshow product organizing as needed per Joel
Web/ Interactive Design:
• Re-size & reformat all current product images for web usage – multiple angles/colors/usages for website product presentation pages compared to Buyers Guide.
• Re-size & reformat all New product images for web usage (after formatting for Buyers Guide) – multiple angles/colors/usages or website product presentation pages
• Review each online product section and compare to Buyers Guide &/or other current Print Catalogs (i.e. Humane Stunning). Note any missing products &/or changes in photos and information. Prepare updates for Interactive Team.
• Assist in digital organizing of web server photos and ads by section type & color coding
• Design support for online vendor ads as needed
• Research online spec items as necessary & directed by Interactive team

Holly Hayden
Graphic Designer, Marketing Dept.


Bunzl Processor Division



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528 E. 19th Ave  North Kansas City, MO 64116

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