Local Recording Artist Looking for Collaborator(s)

Storm is a recording artist who looking to team up with one or more art students to work with. She is looking for a graphic designer, videographer and/or anyone who is interested in working with a recording artist to create music videos and graphic work such as flyers and cd covers. Below are links to her music.
STORM https://soundcloud.com/search?q=mcwhystorm 
About Storm 
Storm has gained a fierce reputation as one of the most lyrical and artistic MC’s in Missouri. In a male dominated industry Storm commands attention and respect each and every time she picks up the mic as her talents stretch far beyond gender barriers. Storm brings a Hip Hop and Soul flavor to NuWayv Order. She considers her music to be timeless. Storm notes that her musical influences range from KRS-One to Queen Latifah. Recently, she released her mix tape entitled Me, Myself, and My Microphone as an independent artist. Through her ability to C.A.M.P (Campaign, Advertise, Market and Promote) her own music, Storm has been able to capture the attention of both the underground and mainstream music market. 
Storm represents 1/5 of the Movement Nuwayv. She represents the Water element
For more information, contact Storm by phone 816-442-3646.