summer apprenticeship at GOOD magazine

Do you want to work at GOOD?

This past summer a former KCAI grad, Alicia Rosas, worked at GOOD magazine as a design apprentice (a fancy name for internship). She applied in May and the internship ran June – August.

It was a very hands on experience in which she worked directly with developers and had full ownership over design responsibilities (incl. research, protoyping, wireframing, look/feel and brand specifications) in the creation of GOOD's mobile site.

Congrats to Alicia, because after the apprenticeship was over they offered her a full-time gig as UI designer and that's where she currently works.

Alicia says:
“if any KCAI students are interested in flying out to LA for a summer, I highly recommend it! The group I worked with was GOOD's first shot at the apprenticeship program, but they really liked it and seem to be on the look out to do it again in the future....
In case you were curious, everyone here really liked and responded to my degree project as well as the project we did for MX--so I'm really thankful for all the work we put into those semester long projects.”