Meet Your Fellow Designers: Studio Chain Interview 01

Designer: Ivan Anthony Alonso
Grade: Sophomore
Age: 20

Meet Ivan Anthony Alonso, a sophomore in the KCAI Graphic Design Department. He enjoys his grandma's tacos and the color purple (not talking about the movie). He comes to us from a fine art background, and although he came out of high school thinking about majoring in printmaking, his interest in design became much more clearer once he came to KCAI. He said, "I thought I had a good understanding about graphic design, but I was pretty much blown away at the Senior Show last year."

Ivan is a pretty eclectic kid with inspirations spawning primarily from nature and found objects. If you haven't seen his desk, I would suggest you all check it out. What you'll find are things like sharp geometric rocks on string, letterpress samples and even plants growing in whiskey bottles. As far as design goes, he likes his clean and to the point, so that means no mumbo jumbo is allowed. He also enjoys design that's organic with very free flowing compositions. When asked about his favorite typeface, he responded with Univers 49 Ultra Condensed! or anything sans serif.

So what's in store for Ivan's future? Well, he'd like to someday work for a small house firm rather than in a big corporate environment, some place that's multidisciplinary would be nice. He's also thought about becoming an art teacher. All he knows is he's really excited and really nervous, but ready to learn!

Interviewed By: Lance Flores

Thanks Lance for kicking off our Interview Chain!