AIGA: A6 Awards Gala 9-18-10

Free food, open bar, ice cream, great dj, awards, professionals, students, and some of the most awesome design work ever–that pretty much sums up this years flavor of the A6 Awards Gala that happened on Saturday September 18th. If you didn't make it this year, you should really try to make it next year for sure! We all had a great time despite the rain. It was a great chance to mingle with professionals (from Hallmark and Willoughby to name a few of the design firms in attendance) and a few kids from other schools in the KC area. Not to mention the fact that it was a great way to show support for your fellow classmates that were recognized this year! Congrats again to Andrea Morris, Luke Babb and Micah Barta!

Suntan Lotion Packaging designed by Luke Babb, Soy Candle Packaging designed by Andrea Morris.
Poster designed for the Folly Jazz series by Micah Barta.