printervention poster exhibit

i wanted to share that i have been invited to participate in “printervention”, a poster exhibit in chicago that raises awareness of social and political issues of our day. it will take place on the streets and storefronts of chicago, as well as a more formal exhibit at the chicago cultural center’s tourism building. extra posters will then be sent to the u.s. social forum in detroit, where they will be distributed to activists and educators there.

my poster is in production now and is meant, in a small way, to address issues of homelessness on a personal level. it is an 18" x 24" 2-color silkscreen that perforates into four pieces,with the "spread love" cut out as a stencil.

i'm going to plan a postering session sometime in the near future, so let me know if you are interested in helping me get these out on the street where they belong.