design week challenge winners

Congrats to Josh Eithun and his team. Last night, the team (composed of all student graphic designers, architects and planners from around KC) won the first annual KC design week challenge. Here is what Josh had to say about the concept:

The challenge was to design a more efficient storage system for Harvesters extra barrels. We asked the question, why do they have so many extra barrels in the first place? The best way to save space in their warehouse, we thought, was for the barrels to be out of harvesters and in the world collecting food.

so we designed an event, Take Away the Hunger. This is a social event in a warehouse or some open space that is filled with empty Harvesters barrels. Local corporations, organizations, retailers, grocery stores, ext are invited to mingle among these empty barrels that symbolize empty bellies in KC and are expected to take a barrel with them when they leave.

These empty barrels are not just randomly placed in the space, but they spell out the word "hunger." Throughout the night there is a camera filming the event from the ceiling and as the guests take away their barrels the camera captures "hunger" being taken away as well. This video can later be used for promotional purposes to symbolize how Harvesters is helping to take away hunger in KC by filling their barrels, one at at time.