gear for sports internship

a three-month position for an apparel company headquartered in south kc. here's the description:

This is a paid internship for students in a graphic design field. The ideal candidate will be a current student in a Graphic Design program, preferably at the junior level or above. Experience with Macintosh systems and Adobe Illustrator CS is preferred. This is a learning & task oriented position that will include a variety of special projects. The goal is to develop the skills
needed to accurately execute custom screen print art. This internship allows the student to work along side full time
graphic artists and perform similar duties. Tasks will be assigned by a Senior Artist or Manager.

we have a couple of alums there right now. you can contact chris jenks at for questions about the position, and contact travis porter at for advice/feedback on portfolios. he'll hook you up with what gear is looking for in a portfolio. ahh, having the inside scoop is great!