Second annual KCAI Graphic Design Student Awards

The Weingart Award: Awarded for superb achievement in formalism.
1. Curtis Pickel

The Kalman Award: Awarded for imbuing work with conceptual depth and meaning.
1. Sean Shockley

The Hofmann Award: Awarded for outstanding rigor and diligent process.
1. Tammy Shell

The Lausen Award: Awarded for outstanding social/ethical awareness and advocacy through design.
1. Rebecca Daugherty

The Tschichold Award: Awarded for significant growth & transformation.
1. Ryan Shawgo

The Bierut Award: Awarded to the most articulate in oral and written communication.
1. Adam Tramposh

The Emigre Award: Awarded for a fearless and exploratory approach.
1. Cameron Perry

The Poyner Award: Awarded for insightful contribution in critique.
1. Matt Anderson

The Cooper Award: Awarded for boldly embracing technology in design.
1. Ian Tirone

The Lupton Award: Awarded for positive citizenship in KCAI's graphic design studio community.
1. Andrea Morris