little pieces of yourself all over the world

the recent lecture blog culture + technology integration at KCAI by Jamie and Michael brings up some interesting questions about transparency. the faculty's contention is that a social media component to design education is a healthy and community building development, but I frequently wonder what the implications of too much transparency might be.

I think that there is the potential for great psychological vulnerability that comes with this constant assumption of an audience. Everytime I publish any information about myself, I have to consider that it's accessible to my peers, educators, family, potential employers...

...and anybody with an internet connection really, like this individual from Vietnam who recently visited my website. It's daunting enough that I have to worry about the way people perceive me in my everyday dealings, much less strangers in South East Asia. The development of a personal "online presence" really brings a whole new meaning to self-consciousness.

does anyone feel the least bit timid at the prospect of being exposed to anonymous scrutiny?

should greater public exposure really be a priority in the formative stages of a design education?