Desigtech Summer '09

North Carolina State University design/computer science departments are looking for participants in the designtech summer research program. i had the opportunity to intern last summer and it's a really amazing opportunity, particularly for anyone interested in web development, data visualization, and information architecture. undergraduate research is a great asset if you're considering applying for graduate school.

apply today

application deadline: April 15
projects spanning artificial intelligence, graphics, visualization, and visual design. Projects include cinematic camera control for interactive narratives and games; automated tours through virtual, visualized environments; agent-based visualizations of streaming data such as RSS feeds and sensor telemetries; and PDA-based navigation tools.

participants are paid $600 per each 40 hour work week of involvement for a period of about 9 weeks. This brings the total pay to $5400. Dormitory Living accomodations are provided. Travel expenses up to $350 will also be covered.