Creative Collaboration: Ideas and Strategies class at umkc

mara gibson, one of the creators of ArtSounds, and a teacher over at the umkc conservatory of music, is looking for kcai students to participate in the above titled class. it sounds like a great experience, and will culminate in an artsounds performace in april. there is no need for a musical background. you need to enroll very very soon (now-ish). contact mara directly at gibsonmb [at]

here's the course description:
The goal of the class will be form groups of artists who work in
various media. Each group will work together to create a large-scale
multidiscipline work.
Traditionally, western music is a collaborative art that has divided
the act of performance from the action of creativity and invention.
Unsurprisingly, when you multiply the factors to include new genres in
collaboration, roles shift and expand often bleeding into
unconventional crossovers. The complexity and definition of these
factors becomes all the more important given these new developments.
This class will investigate the history of collaboration since the
turn of the century culminating with communicative and informed class
collaborations. Thinking outside the box is required.