Welcome to our new instructors for Fall 08!

Mel Hogan is an adjunct instructor for the senior studio: Design Systems
Mel is a '00 graduate of KCAI.

During his career Mel has been fortunate enough to work with some of the world's largest brands, including Yahoo!, Microsoft, Hilton Hotels and Harley Davidson Motorcycles, just to name a few. Mel has used his experience to gain solid understanding of large brand strategy as it applies to online and advertising.

Mel's focus and passion has always been a hybrid of design and technology, with the end user always at the forefront. Design is not, as some would believe, subjective. There are definitive rules and techniques that serve to help communicate a message, and promote ease of use. Mel strives to ensure all his projects serve client goals and user needs first.

If Mel were invisible for a day he would more than likely sneak into the TED Conference and, using a voice modifier, influence the recipients of the TED awards in a godlike fashion.
Carrie Kish is an adjunct instructor and is team teaching both the senior's Vis. Language studio with Jamie and the junior's Vis. Language studio with Tyler
Carrie Kish Art Director/Bungalow Creative
Carrie is a multi-disciplinary designer whose 15 years of experience began in Washington DC, studying at the Corcoran School of Art and working as a freelance-designer.
After school, she moved to Atlanta, Georgia to began working as an art director/designer for a small studio whose notable clients included Coca-Cola, UPS and Heery International. After relocating to Kansas City six years ago, she gained a strong skillset in brand building and marketing communications while working for a small marketing design firm. Carrie’s passion to work for smaller studios that make a big impact, led her to Bungalow where she and the collaborative team work closely
with their clients to consistently create effective and award-winning work.

AIGA KC Design Awards, Printer Awards, Philanthropy Award
Print Magazine, Rockport Books: Best of Business Card Design,
Rockport Books: Best of Brochure Design, Step Magazine,
Dynamic Graphics: Lo-fi Design

Antiques, flea markets, world fairs, Bauhaus, Bette Davis films,
Swiss design, Hungary, vintage cars
Garrett Fuselier is the teaching assistant for Eppelheimer's Multi-media studio
A freshly squeezed graphic designer from the Kansas City Art Institute, Garrett Fuselier has "slip-and-slided" into the design world through a job at Ontarget Interactive. There, he continues to keep his hands digitally active with media such as web, eNewsletter, TV spots, and Flash integration.

Alongside, he and Rhianna Weilert (also a recent design graduate) have formed a freelance collaborative under the name "the Weisler House of Design." Through this, he's keeping active in his community, and also continues to hold his membership with the AIGA and now the Ad Club of Kansas City.