spurse art collective is looking for a graphic design intern!

contact Julia Cole: jcole [at] kcai [dot] edu

Spurse came to KCAI to teach a summer class and had students (including our own Meredith Adams from GD) helping them design shelter and clothing systems for an arctic expedition, connected with all kinds of thinking including refugee status/nomadism/the Inuit/ and deep time/rapid time. They are going to be having a show at Grand Arts in 2009, at which all the work from the project will be featured.

Spurse is really keen to get some Graphic Design students involved on an internship basis. The students who worked with them over the summer seem to have had an amazing experience. They are looking for students (Meredith, hint hint) who might start even before school starts, or ASAP. the ARC said that students can sign up for a fall semester internship and then start work early. They are also looking for another couple of GD students who could work later September through December, generating vector diagrams, maps and other presentation documents.

Spurse is an international Artist collective that has been involved in some fascinating and expansive projects (www.spurse.org). Sounds like the students involved would get a lot out of this. Please email Julia Cole, head of Interdisciplinary Arts, for more info: jcole [at] kcai [dot] edu