gensler // paid full-time summer internships


gensler is a global design and architecture firm focused on strategic research and design shaping the future of cities. these will be amazing opportunities to learn more about environmental graphic design and interface with architects and interior designers.

the san francisco graphic design position is listed here.

the atlanta graphic design position is listed here.

the chicago graphic design position is listed here.

the denver graphic design position is listed here.

a brand design position in new york city is listed here.

application deadline is march 22nd.

internship position // crema

An internship is available at Crema, in downtown KC!

As an intern at Crema, you will get to interact with every individual on the staff and will work on real projects that will greatly expand your skill set and help you grow as a professional. You’ll get the opportunity to learn from the Crema team and how a successful company runs itself.

Check out the details and apply at:

visual designer // garmin

Garmin is looking for a visual designer on the graphics team! The position would primarily be designing graphics for on-screen interfaces, potentially anything from Fitness smartwatches to mobile apps to in-dash navigation systems). Be sure to check out the position and apply at:

Contact Dean Johnson with any questions

freelance opportunity // wedding invitations

Jessica Young has reached out to the department with a freelance opportunity open to students. She is in need of a wedding invitation design project. She would like something produces similarly to the photo below, but geared towards Grand Lake, Colorado instead of Colorado Springs. She would also be interested in a similar RSVP card.

Interested students are asked to submit an email with a pdf of relevant work samples or a portfolio URL to Jessica at

Wedding Invite2

paid commission // outdoor mural

An opportunity for mural work is in sight!

Contact: John Hoffman

Commission: Outdoor mural painting. The wall is 12’ x 36’.

Location: 5500 Troost st. Kansas City, MO

Budget: $2,000 + paint supplies

Interested students should email Tyler Galloway at, who will connect you with Mr. Hoffman.

femtunes commission opportunity

FemTunes is in need of some work! Here are some words from Lyndsey Padget:

I'm looking for a design for a web site I'm currently building. It's called FemTunes, a blog for female (or female identifying) computer programmers who like badass tunes with a bit of interesting music trivia on the side. The site, along with social channels, will be launching later this fall. It is loosely inspired by one of my favorite internet radio stations, WeFunkRadio in Montreal.

I would love to feature one of your designs for FemTunes branded merchandise such as t-shirts, tote bags, posters, etc. If you pitch me 3 designs featuring the name "FemTunes", I'll pick one and give you $75 up front, plus ongoing royalties for each item sold. I don't anticipate revisions to the chosen design unless there are printing issues (i.e. too much detail or font that is too small). Designs should be "casual office" appropriate; meaning no explicit language, sexual or violent imagery, etc. They can be funky, edgy, and cool... but not offensive.

More about FemTunes:
The playlists feature a variety of music, including rap, hip hop, funk, soul, international, country, rock, pop, and k-pop. If you have Spotify, you can access the the playlists to get a feel for the vibe. I try to curate playlists that are upbeat, funky, worldly, fun, positive, sassy, and BOSS.

More about credits & royalties:
Each item listed on the site will credit you as the artist and can link to your site, if desired. The designs themselves should not be signed. I plan on using TeeSpring to print and fulfill orders. TeeSpring's pricing model lets you set a sale price for each item. Each item has a base price, and the difference is the profit. I'll give you 15% of the total sale price of each item. For example: I'd like to start with a premium unisex t-shirt with a base price of $13.98 and a sale price of $29.99 (so the profit would be $16.01). 15% of the total sale price is $4.50. Because I'm just starting out with this, it's important to note that the sale price may vary in the future. People may not be willing to pay $30 for a t-shirt, so I'll bring that cost down. Other items might be super popular, so much so that I can raise the price. Supply and demand. :)

More about me:
I'm a female software engineer with 15 years in the tech industry. I'm a UMKC grad, born & raised in Kansas City. I love supporting the local arts here! Last fall I left my full-time software development job to pursue my entrepreneurial goals. FemTunes is one of them!

I hope you'll consider this and let me know if you're interested.

Lyndsey Padget

paid freelance opportunity // A Better 1-on-1

from lyndsey padget, founder of a better 1-on-1:
I'm a female software engineer who has been working in the field for almost 15 years. I have been involved with "women in tech" type organizations for years, but I am forming a new non-profit called "A Better 1-on-1" because I am concerned that even groups aiming to help girls & women get into tech are not inclusive enough. I'm in the process of obtaining non-profit status, and also building the web site. I need a logo, but I also need some illustrations for the site. It's a pretty rough start (from a pre-built front-end template), but you can see what I've got so far here:

The purpose of A Better 1-on-1 is to pair underrepresented people in technology (women, people of color, LGBTQ*, ESL, those less able) with mentors who are as much like them as possible. There are many organizations out there to help feed the tech "pipeline" by running events and workshops for girls, women, and people of color. My goal is NOT to run events but rather to help people form more meaningful professional relationships that help them stay in tech by providing the support they need. Mentors and mentees will fill out a quiz to register, and (hopefully) large companies will visit the site as well to see how they can support this cause.

I want the colors to be vibrant/electric and funky/retro. The logo should reflect this, perhaps working in an afro, a rainbow, a mohawk, etc. I'm open to suggestions! I'd like the site to feature some illustrations (hand-drawn or vector) at the top, and then "drop in" different replacements until the different characters find their mentor match. Supporting my case, there isn't a lot of diversity in online imagery. I need several different women (all shapes, NOT sexy/cute), different men of color, folks in native carb, non-binary, showing disability, etc. I'm looking for diversity in characters, but a uniform aesthetic among all of the characters.

interested students, please submit a letter of interest and portfolio link or pdf of work samples to lyndsey: (816) 695-6506