design systems

senior studio

In this course, students will develop a broad overview of complex design problems from practical and theoretical perspectives. Course content will focus on larger scale communications programs involving identity and branding systems in several media, including print, web, environmental signage, exhibitions and/or packaging. The projects stimulate inquiry from the student’s unique personal interests and allow exploration of various concept development strategies. Scheduled meetings include lectures, presentations, demonstrations, and discussions of contemporary design work. Participants should make full use of their individual (and our collective) time and effort and should consider the course and all its activities as a collective set of parts with which to build insight.

To Death with a Smile

Mary Lim ’16 | | Frank Norton, instructor

To Death with a Smile

Mercedes Padro ’16 | | Frank Norton, instructor

To Death with a Smile

Chris Meier ’16 |

Frank Norton, instructor

To Death with a Smile

Lauren Taylor ’16 | | Frank Norton, instructor

Calyx (non gender specific packaging)

Larry Fulcher ’16 | | Frank Norton, instructor

XYXX (non gender specific packaging)

Sara Garrison ’16 | | Frank Norton, instructor


Elissa Jarosz ’16 | | Frank Norton, instructor