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Coffee & Design: Design Olympics

Located at: WeWork Corrigan Station

Coffee & Design is beyond stoked to announce this year's annual Design Olympics: an epic battle where designers compete for their shot at glory. Teams will be faced with the impossible: Horrible briefs, target audiences aged 0-99 and the direction to “Make it like Nike but…” — all under the pressure of the clock and the presence of you, their respected peers. In case you missed last year's, check out the video.

There will be games. There will be hilarity. There will be snacks. There will be drinks. There will be a lot of 90's vibes, if you're into that sort of thing. So grab a friend and come cheer (or jeer) your friends and peers on, to either victory or tragic defeat!

Why does this event cost $? We work to get as much as we can donated, but DO17 in particular has a higher cost including food + drink, materials, rental costs, etc. Your $ helps cover all that :). 
Early Bird: $5
Procrastinator: $8 (begins October 13th at 5:01p)

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