applied communication theory

sophomore studio

The course content will focus on meaning and representation in visual and verbal language to further clarify the visual communications process. Theories of communication, making meaning, semiotics, rhetoric and modes of appeal will be examined through lectures, readings, and discussions. A series of exercises will lead to practical implementation through conceptualization, visualization and graphic form development. Historic and current design artifacts will be researched and analyzed to expand an understanding of how messages are encoded by designers and decoded by the audiences of graphic design. Reading, writing, verbal and critical skills will be developed throughout the semester.


Modes of Persuasion


Sydney Sanders ’19 |

Brooke Cirone ’19 |

Tori Green ’19 |

Parker Seydel ’20 |

Nile Kroner ’20 |

Anthony Bennett ’20 |

Alex Duncan ’20 |

Communication Theory

Alex Duncan & Nick Kee

Z Lisenbee ‘19 |

Lydia Liabendia & Jessica Bee ‘20

Ezra Dufair & Kelsey Ragain ‘20